Letter from an Audiobook Client

March 16, 2014

This morning I received a very special email from one of my audiobook clients. His name is Anthony Metivier and he runs the website http://www.magneticmemorymethod.com. Here's what he sent:


Dear Ron,


I wanted to write and thank you for the great success the book you've narrated for me has been having.


Whether you choose to narrate it or not under the new ACX royalty structure, I wanted to send you a copy of my new book, "The Ultimate Language Learning Secret" because you may be able to use it as a calling card of sorts to draw attention to the book you've narrated for me if self-promotion is something you engage in.


In the meantime, I'd be very curious if you've found that narrating my book has proven valuable for you, or at which point you think it might do so.


Also, if you have any tips for how I could be a better content provider over all, I'd love to hear them!





As an audiobook narrator, emails like this can make your day, week or even your month. It's confirmation that the hard work and effort you put forth to ensure a professional narration for the rights holder was worth it. It's also motivation. Motivation in knowing that although you won't win ALL of the auditions you send in, you will win some and there are others just around the corner.


Another happy client with the potential for more narration experience for me. Does it get any better than this? Not as a VO talent. Validation and confirmation of your hard work is what we all strive for (outside of the need to generate an income, of course).


I'm thrilled to have provided Anthony with a product that he can sell and earn revenue on.  I'm also thrilled that he chose me to provide the "voice" for his book. To also have him ask for my opinion or for "tips" on how to be a better content provider is the icing on the cake. He's genuinely interested in knowing what we as narrators need from him to make our job easier.


For my VO friends out there... keep your clients happy, keep pushing, keep auditioning and stay motivated. The next big thing is just around the corner.


- Ron

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